Semirimorchio pianale GRUNWALD Open sided Neman semitrailer nuovo

semirimorchio pianale GRUNWALD Open sided Neman semitrailer nuovo
Foto: semirimorchio pianale GRUNWALD Open sided Neman semitrailer nuovo
€ 19.000
Prezzo netto
US$ 22.230
Modello Open sided Neman semitrailer
Tipo semirimorchio pianale
Capacità di carico 32000 kg
Peso lordo 38000 kg
Peso netto 6000 kg
Ubicazione Russia Kaliningrad
Data d'inserzione giu 20, 2018
ID Autoline ZX8977
Dimensioni generali 13.8 m × 2.55 m × 3.19 m
Chassis in acciaio
Ruota di scorta
Supporto per la ruota di scorta
Numero di assi 3
Sospensione ad aria compressa/ad aria compressa
Freni a tamburo
Freno accumulatore
Stato nuovo
Colore blu scuro
Ulteriori informazioni: inglese
Указанная цена действительна только за пределами Российской Федерации.
The specified price is valid only outside the Russian Federation.

Grunwald Neman open sided semitrailer

Welded frame reinforced design specially adapted for use in off-road semitrailer.
• The external profile of the frame has a bracket for securing cargo.
• Mechanical two-speed support device OMS.
• Reinforced front wall of steel profile in the cassette design.
• 11 steel folding boards height of 600 mm.
• Steel removable side racks.
• The floor made of waterproof plywood thickness 27 mm.

Axles and suspension
▪ 3 axis OSMAN KOC (Turkey) with a beam of square section and a technical load capacity of 11 000 kg each. Support device: OMS
• Air suspension.
• The distance between the axes of 1360 mm.
• The valve vor lifting and lowering the platform H / S.

Drum brakes.
▪ EBS Wabco complying with the requirements ECE.
• System to prevent rollover semitrailer - RSS (Roll Stability System).
• Automatic adjustment of the brakes.
• The parking brake is pneumatically driven power accumulators on two axes.
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